Provide leads and get rewarded

Increase your wealth by providing leads to our services

Affiliate Program Details:

  • Affiliation Method: Domain-Based
  • Affiliation Method: Cookie-Based
  • Reward Percentage per Payment: 20%
  • Maximum Reward per Payment: $9,999
  • Maximum Payments Rewarded per User: 3
  • Reward Eligibility Period: 30 Days
  • Minimum Payout Threshold: $50

Advertise our services and get paid

Advertise our services on your website or promote affiliation links and get paid directly to your PayPal account

Multiple Affiliation

Multiple Affiliation

You can add your domain to our dashboard, or you can use your generated tracking link. Any lead which comes from this 2 methods you will be rewarded for.

Reward Percentage

20% Reward Percentage

Every time somebody purchase from us and was referred by your domain or comes through your tracking link, you will get 20% reward percentage.

Continuous Rewards

Continuous Rewards

Rewards don't stop here, you will be rewarded 20% for the first 3 payments of that your lead makes.

How Does it Work?

Add your domain or get your tracking link and promote

Add your domain

Already have an established website? Add your domain to our dashboard, verify it, and create a link from your domain to our landing page.

Get tracking URL

If you don't have an website, there is no problem. You can get your tracking url and start advertising it.

Get Paid

For any lead which comes from your domain or from your tracking url, you will get paid 20% from the first 3 orders.